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What to Do If You Think Your Child May Have a Concussion

Concussion symptoms aren’t always visible and don’t always present immediately. But noticing signs of a concussion is crucial in children, as their brains are more susceptible to concussions because they are still growing. Here is everything you, as a parent, should know about concussions.  

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Key Concussion Indicators

The signs and symptoms of a concussion aren’t always easy to detect—especially in other people. Though most concussion symptoms appear within minutes, some might take hours or even days to present, and are often subtle and might not be obvious to a bystander.

Youth football team

Encouraging Young Athletes to Speak Out After Head Injuries

Young athletes often push themselves to be “tough” and avoid showing weakness. While grit is a valuable quality on and off the field, insecurity can prevent young players from being honest with their coaches or other adults after an injury.

Dr Kenneth Shubin Stein

The Impact Report with Ken Shubin Stein

For Ken Shubin Stein, Chairman of the International Concussion Society Board of Directors, concussions are a personal matter. As a result, he has pledged to dedicate the next phase of his professional career to advocating for concussion treatment and research.

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Do You Have a Concussion?

Concussions are a form of traumatic head injury caused by a bump or blow to the head, or even a subtle, sharp jolt. While their symptoms can seem minor or take some time to appear, concussions carry serious risks and can have long-lasting side effects.

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What Every Coach Needs to Know About Concussion Safety

The positive impact coaches can make in the lives of young athletes is incredible. From hard work and discipline, to demonstrating the value of teamwork, a good coach can be an instrumental element of childhood development.

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Concussion 101

Correctly identifying a concussion and responding appropriately is uniquely challenging because there are few visible symptoms. Because concussions are complex and can be difficult to diagnose, schools and athletic programs may be ill-equipped to recognize and treat them.