• Give a Child the Gift of Education

    KHK Foundation is providing students with a lifelong learning and a way out of poverty through after school and agricultural programs for a sustained community.

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KHK Foundation's 6th Annual Fundraiser

Join us with family and friends to celebrate the accomplishment of an amazing year!

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HELP A STUDENT, GIVE THEMThe Gift of Education

KHK Foundation has identified a great need for a continued educational program for the poverty-stricken children in Cambodia. These children are forced to give up the chance of receiving an education due to family obligations.

With a donation of $100, you can help one of our students and provide them with the support they need to succeed in school for the entire year.


Our projects require a team of dedicated individuals who share the same passion in helping others.

We encourage youths to become involved and community members to step up and take a lead in our various projects. We welcome all who want to be part of our amazing team.


We need your help

it is by your help that we are enabled to help others